Pinebank Southeast began with the interest to expand the 50 years of genetic progress made with pure Scotch angus cattle in New Zealand to a new environment.  The challenges of south Georgia:  heat, humidity, low energy perennial grasses, insects, disease…these were all handled well by the five decades of genetic refinement that occurred across the globe by the Falloons at Pinebank Angus.  We believe that the fertility, structural soundness,  and efficiency built in to these cattle will work in just about any environment that you can imagine.  This is the second crop of bulls we have raised, and they again have done quite well on our low energy forages.   We have challenged these bulls at every stage of development to know that their sons and daughters will work in the harshest of environments. They have been weaned on hay, followed by a stocker program of winter and summer annuals. They have been developed on 100% forage, are of fit build, and are ready to work.   Please contact us if you are interested or have any questions.


Birthdate:  2/12/2014
AAA registration: 18453292
Tattoo: P12b

PSE 12b is the most docile bull of the group and a half frame score taller.  His paternal grandsire was a bull Willie Falloon brought in to the closed gene pool to sample, so there will be a bit more heterosis and punch with his offspring.

PSE 27d                                                      

Birthdate:  11/24/2016                                               
AAA registration: coming soon
Tattoo: P27d

PSE 27d is perhaps the most complete bull we’ve raised here at Pinebank Southeast.  He is a deep-bodied, wide-topped forage tank.   Solid feet and testicles make this 41/97 son a bull to line breed a herd around.  We would like to collect this bull before delivery.  

PSE 2d                             SOLD!                     

Birthdate: 11/10/2016                                             
AAA registration: coming soon
Tattoo:  P2d

Another bull at the top of his contemporary group, PSE 2d believes he’s the boss.  Vocal and confident, this son of 41/97 is full of testosterone and ready to breed as many cows as your brave enough to let him cover.

PSE 13b

Birthdate: 2/07/2014                                           
AAA registration:  18314036
Tattoo:  P13b

PSE 13b is a bull i’ve used at the home ranch.  He’s wide, sure footed, and every inch a bull.   He will be available after the breeding season this year.


Birthdate: 2/10/2015                                          
AAA registration:  18705172
Tattoo:  P17c

17’s mother, 65/03 is one of Willie Falloon’s favorite cow.  He chose this bull to breed to our replacement heifers.  Nuff said.  He will be available in July ’17.