Deep Grass Graziers, located in southern Georgia, has utilized the genetics of closed herd programs Pinebank Angus and Wye Angus to build maternal bulls with convenience, efficiency, and fertility . These prepotent bulls will sire consistent offspring built with reproductive longevity. Our Red Angus program has been built around the progress at Red Hill in KY, focused on a few select lines we believe produce built proof fertility.

Deep Grass Graziers develops their bulls on forage, and makes them work. They are fit, not fat, and ready to breed more cows than a bull developed for eye appeal. This slow development contributes to good feet, promotes fertility, and creates a bull that will breed cows for many years. The 2 year old bulls have been on winter annuals, hay and baleage, and the older bulls have been on bahiagrass and hay. Most of the bulls offered are low birth weight and safe for heifer use.
If you are looking to retain heifers to rebuild or for sale, or raise calves to finish on grass, please consider these quality sires for your lineup. Let us know if you have any questions.

Most bulls are priced from $2500-$3500

DGG 28c AAA 18800905

DGG 172c (featured below)

DGG 11e (pedigree below, video to come)

Oliver 312 AAA 19148459 (herd bull with many daughters in herd) video below

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