• Bred/owned by Casey Beefmasters, TX   
  • Among ALL Beefmaster Bulls
  • Casey 5-145 is the TOP MARBLING BULL IN THE BREED!
  • TOP 1% REA:
  • Birthweight of 65 pounds = TOP 15%
  • Scanned at 385 Days Native Forage/Grass Diet
  • His Dam Casey 2-62 Owned by Cain Cattle Co., MS
  • Leads w/MARBLING: TOP 1%
  • REA: TOP 15%
  • MILK: TOP 2%

Semen priced at $35/unit   

The Casey Beefmaster program in Albany, TX is the epitome of sustainable beef production….run under commercial conditions in a harsh environment, “since 1977 the breeding season for all females ages 14 months and older has been 25-30 days”. Their IMF ultrasound data on their yearling bulls & heifers, developed only on forage, are CAB equivalent! When one tours their herd, many teenage cows can be seen still running with the main herd…..compelling evidence there is a correlation between fertility and marbling. If cattle owners of all descriptions would emulate the “Casey model”, the beef industry would have significantly fewer problems than are present today!

Sustainable Genetics is extremely pleased to be working with Watt Casey and the herd his Dad established in 1948!

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