Bill & Di Hodge

Sustainable Genetics, LLC, established in 2004, is a beef genetics marketing company dedicated to enhancing profitability in the production segment of the industry.  We believe, first and foremost, that a bovine animal was put on this earth to function as a grazing animal.  The further we deviate from the grazing principal, the more problems we create.  Unfortunately, the industrial agricultural model has created a fossil fuel dependent machine and has ignored Mother Nature’s original purpose for this solar powered creature.  There are two types of cattle today, corn cattle and grass cattle.  Our many years experience has taught us that grass cattle will work in a corn environment; however corn cattle are not sustainable in a grass environment.

It takes crisis to create change and for an industry built on the premise of cheap corn and cheap oil, change is inevitable. The seedstock industry continues on a collision course with reality. The more, bigger, better mentality of the majority of purebred cattle owners continues creating higher maintenance cows the commercial sector cannot sustain.  The advent of Expected Progeny Difference’s has made it quite easy to breed cattle.  The only tools necessary are a sire summary and a checkbook.  What most seedstock owners fail to understand is EPD’s are only measures of outputs, and the antagonisms associated with selecting for extremes create problems that end up costing the commercial producer.

There are Sustainable Genetics sired cattle on ranches and farms near you.  Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the satisfied breeders that have taken that step back to basics. 

In 2012, Dan Glenn and his family joined the Sustainable Genetics team.  Dan is a 4th generation Irwin County, Georgia farmer who shares our core values, and works hard to breed cattle that work in his environment.  He direct markets beef and sells seedstock at Deep Grass Graziers.

Dan, Jennifer, and Silas Glenn