U336 Sister

Edisto 810 Excel Plato u336

U336 Sister

Trask, Fowken, and Felton are a few of the admired programs represented in these 2 year old bulls that will be available in March 2016.  They have been developed slowly on forage and are ready for the pasture service.   We believe these bulls will strengthen fertility, structural soundness, and longevity for purebred or crossbred breeding programs.   Don’t miss this opportunity to jumpstart your program with these amazing bloodlines.  Please contact us if interested.  

Lot 18- CLEMSON 5015 GRAZER Y310 B327- 
AHA registration # 43517530

Lot 18 is an athletic, smaller framed bull with lots of great cows in his pedigree.  Extremely curly hair from his forehead to his crest, he is brimming with testosterone.   He would be a great bull to moderate larger framed cattle, and would add lots of maternal goodness where needed.   


Lot 17-CLEMSON U336 PLATO M123 B337 ET- 
AHA registration # 43517566

ET son of Edisto Plato U336.  Had the most gain in the Clemson Forage Bull test of the sires offered here.  At least a frame score larger than his brother, Lot 12.  Straight topped, slicked hair, and good testicles on this ET son. 

Clemson u336 Plato M123 B337 ET May 2017