Pinebank Angus‘ roots go back to 1919 when A.H. Falloon bought his first three cows. Almost 100 years later, the Pinebank herd has grown in size and reputation, creating one of the most rigorous forage-based seedstock development programs in operation. Pinebank cattle are pure Angus, tracing their lineage back to one of the great Scottish imports of 20th century, Mulben Embassy.

In 1965, Gavin Falloon, working with research geneticist Dr. Ch’ang of Massey University, created a systematic approach to breeding to maximize fertility, function, and performance inside a relatively closed herd. The work they set out to accomplish did not involve rapid progress, but did set them on a course to create a group of consistently superior cattle. Today, Gavin’s son Willie continues that work, and the methodical, consistent progress of closed-herd breeding.

The Pinebank cattle have excellent growth and carcass characteristics without sacrificing efficiency or fertility, rare in a world full of hard-doing performance cattle. What further distinguished the herd is that is entirely forage-based. Cattle follow sheep in an intensive grazing program and deal with the vagaries of drought and rough terrain.

Pinebank is the only seedstock program we’ve encountered that offers a 4-year guarantee on the feet of all bulls sold. Cows must calve unassisted at 2 years of age, and every subsequent year to stay in the herd. The best performing bull calves are used as yearlings to maximize the generational interval and improvement of the herd.

Pinebank Waigroup 92/99 – 15 yr old daughter of 41/97

We recommend Pinebank semen without reservation. They offer a great outcross to strengthen pure angus seedstock operations, and can add prepotency to commercial programs. Pinebank cattle simply work.

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